ArtoniArte stems from a great passion which its founder, Mr. Maurizio Artoni, has developed for the multicolour world of Murano art glass since the mid 90s.

Since the very beginning ArtoniArte has been working side by side with the best master glassblowers on the Island of Murano, in the Venetian Laguna, both for the creation of new objects and in the complex search for collector’s items.

The activity has been continuously growing and specialising, and it includes sale of art glassware – both vintage and contemporary pieces – as well as Murano glass lighting.
Specific competences have been developed in designing Murano glass chandeliers, in particular large-size customized chandeliers.

ArtoniArte is characterised by constant dynamism and professionalism in offering unique pieces.
It sells to direct customers and collectors, as well as to dealers in Italy and abroad, and has thereby developed special skills in packing for shipping to overseas customers worldwide. The qualities and features of the one-man firm have however been proudly preserved, in particular in the friendly and open relation to Customers, who are always attended to with utmost care and attention.




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